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Terms and Conditions


The Renter as well as any additional drivers must meet, for the whole period of the hereby contract, the following requirements:

They must be over 25 years old, and hold a driving license appropiate to the category of vehicle to rent, having held the previously mentioned license for, at least a period of one year.


The Renter agrees  that he/she has been given the vehicle in perfect cleanness and maintenance conditions, with a quarter full tank, provided with all  necessary tires and  required documentation.
In like manner, he/she agrees that the following accessories have been provided: a spare tire and its jack.

The Renter commits himself/herself to maintain the vehicle in good conditions and particulary, without dismissing the obligations stated in other clauses in this contract:

a. To use and drive the vehicle carefully according to the Driving Rules, Traffic of motor-cars and Traffic Safety Rules and any other rules applicable.
b. In order not to limit the clause above, the Renter will not drink-drive, or drive on narcotics, simulative drugs or any other similar substances. In the same way, he/she will not drive in a state of driving reduced ability caused by any diseases or weariness, or allow any other person under those circumstances to drive.
c. Not to drive the vehicle with illegal purpose.
d. Not to allow anybody but himself or any additional drivers specified on the form to drive the vehicle.
e. Not to drive the vehicle with more passengers than the allowed by the manufacturer or by the law.
f. Not to use the vehicle to move, push or tow any other vehicles, trailers or objects.
g. Not to drive along paths or other places which, due to their bad state, can damage the vehicle.
h. Not to take part in any competitions, contest, training sessions or strength test on the materials, accessories or products of vehicles.
i. Not to use a different type of fuel or gasoline from the one indicated by the manufacturer for each type of vehicle.
j. To park the vehicle properly and have it well lock.
k. Not to drive the vehicle for loading or moving purposes, except in commercial vehicles, that will be able to transport goods as long as they respect the law and the effective legislation, or place a rack on top of it without the approval of the Renting part.
l. Not to manipulate the mileage indicator.
m. Not to drive outside Spain unless he/she obtains the appropiate written approval of the Renting part.
n. Not to use the vehicle for public transport, driving teaching purposes, transport or delivery services, industrial or commercial activities, or any other purposes that involve subleasing the vehicle.


The vehicle must be returned in perfect working conditions, along with the appropiate documents and accessories that the vehicle was handed in to the Renter in the Renting Location, unless a different check-in location is mentioned specifically.
The vehicle return must take place on the date and time stated on the form. Any changes or extensions on the contract must be approved and put down by the Renting part, which enables the Renting part to issue another new rental agreement. In every case, the Renting part reserves the right to claim the return of the vehicle at any moment while the contract is effective if the use of the vehicle is contrary to the terms of the contract.
Pickup later than 22h will have an additional 20€ fee (payable on arrival)


The Renter specifically agrees to pay the Renting part for:

A. Free mileage. It is not allowed to drive outside Spain mainland. A fine of 1.500 euros will be charged in your credit card if this ruled is not respected.
B. The charge for the period he/she has had the vehicle, according to the rates listed on the form.
C. The charges for the an intercity rental, if it was agreed that the vehicle should be returned to a location different from the renting location.
D. The charges for the purchase, if applicable, of the Collision Damage Waiver, the charges for the Theft Protection, or the charges for Purchasing the Personal Accident insurance referred to in Section 5.
E. Repair charges if the vehicle has been damaged. However, if the vehicle was used according to the terms of this contract, the Renter’s liability will not exceed the value of the vehicle replacement, and such liability will not apply, except for the deducible amount of the damages experienced by the vehicle to the amount shown. If the Renter purchased those coverages, as stated in Section 5.  Any damages to the car will be avoid if the customer takes the Optional Insurance (35 euros). 
F. The charges for any kind of fines, juridical and extrajuridical expenses (caused by undue parking, transport or driving infringements) claimed against the vehicle, the Renter or the Renting part while the contract is effective, except for those infractions that can only be imputed to the Renting part.
G. The price of the spare tyre, any of the other tyres, tools, ALL GLASSES and MIRRORS, accessories, identification documents, set of keys, or radio player that are missing, or else when any of these items has been replaced for another one, and these replacements or changes in the equipment are not covered by any insurance policy, and consequently, the Renter is the only responsible person for them. But if the optional insurance is taken, all damages are covered except the lost of keys which cost 150 euros.
H. There is no refund on unused fuel. Please return the car with the same or more amount of fuel at the delivery.
I. Any taxes applied to the rental.


A.- OPTION 1= All cars are fully-comprehensive insured with an excess of 600 euros, in case of accident (if its Rentagain's car fault), all kind of damages to the car, fire or stolen car.

B.-OPTION 2= If the Optional insurance of 35 euros is taken, the excess will be reduced to 0. All damages to the car, fire and stolen car are covered except lost or damages to the key. Do not wet keys so they are electronic and cost 175 euros payable by the customer. Payment of 175 euros will be required if keys are damaged.



The Renter commits himself/herself to report any accidents that might have happened and produce any letters, notices or summons referring to that accident, and collaborate with the Renting part and the Insurance Company on the investigation and defence of any claims or processes.

Particularly, if accident happens, the Renter will follow the procedures below:

a. He/she will obtain as many details as possible referring to the people involved in the accident, as well as possible witnesses.
b. He/she will report the details mentioned above to the Renting part as soon as possible, as well as any other interesting issues related to the accident.
c. Inmediately, he/she will inform the authorities that the other part’s guilt must or must to be investigated
d. If there are injured people, he/she will not leave the vehicle without taking the appropiate measures to protect it and safeguard it.

e.-Make the accident report which is in the glove compartment.

If the Renter fails to comply with one on the measures above, if applicable, the Renting part can claim the damages caused by the Renter’s negligence in carrying out his/her duties, even though he/she had purchased any additional coverages mentioned on the form, which would become invalid as a result.


The Renting part will be responsible for any repairs caused by a mechanical breakdown (except for those due to the Renter’s negligence of bad treatment of the vehicl e) and the Renter will the not charged for any repairs. If, for any reason, the Renter has to pay for the repairs, the money will be refunded to him/her, having produced the bill previously. Such a bill must have been approved perilously by the Renting part. As many details as possible related to the repair must be stated in the bill, which will be addressed to  the Renting part.


The additional drivers named on the form of the contract agree that they know and accept the conditions on it. So becoming the renter’s guarantor voluntaily when it comes to face the payments that might come up, and signing on the form as a proof of their consent. Additional drivers have no extra cost.


Having used caution and complied with his/her duties to prevent the possibility of a breakdown from happening, the Renter will not be responsible for any mechanical faults in the vehicle or damages derived from these faults. He/she will not be responsible either for the expenses, delays or damages somehow produced, directly or indirectly, by such breakdowns or faults.
The Renter releases the Renting part from all liabilities for loss or damages to any effects that have been left, kept or carried by the Renter or any other person inside or on top of the vehicle, regardless of when it happened, either before or while the contract was effective, or else after returning the vehicle.


For any controversies or lawsuits that might derive from this contract, from the interpretations given to it or its carrying-out, the two parts, which will waive to their own law if another code of law is applicable, will be subjected to the jurisdiction put into effect by the judges and Courts of the city where the Renting Part Office is located.


VERY IMPORTANT= Online bookings will not be confirmed until you receive final confirmation (2nd email).

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